Traveling with BECK

Fiorella wearing the BECK coral earrings in Barcelona

As summer comes to an end, I can't help but look back and enjoy all the wonderful pictures my clients took in their beautiful vacations wearing their BECK!

Marguerite the BECK agate choker in Baalbeck

For the past few months I've been basically living out of a suitcase! Which has allowed me to personally see which BECK pieces are my most wearable. So far these are my observations: at least one statement necklace is important because you never know when a dressier occasion may arise (a large BECKlace can upgrade any casual dress), the 'cuff + BECK earring' look is perfect to dress up or down, the XL Swarovski chain is simple, light-weight and neutral enough to work with all outfits and the BECKlettes are easy for day and night and everything in between! I would also include a watch, a little pair of studs- and that’s it. You're covered. Done! :)

Isabella wearing custom BECK earrings in Greece

Marguerite wearing the XL Swarovski chain in Croatia

Denise wearing the BECK earrings in Koh Tao

Priscilla & friends wearing BECKlettes in Hamburg

Elaine wearing the BECK stardust earring in Malta

Alaia wearing the BECK Stardust earrings in the Netherlands

Chloe wearing statement BECKlace in Greece

Carolina wearing the BECK pearl-cluster in NYC

Marjolein wearing the BECK XL Swarovski chain in Curaçao

Priscilla wearing statement BECKlace in Curaçao

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