Christmas Decorating!


Today we spent all day decorating our new home in Brooklyn! Its been such a pleasure picking out our first tree together and starting new Christmas traditions... To tie in the Christmas decor (and to fill up some empty wall space) I decided to tackle on some painting! The big one (seen over the sofa) was actually an amazing find, we found this 6 foot canvas already stretched, completely abandoned during a morning stroll on Bond St. -- we quickly scooped it up, cleaned it, I took out my acrylics and began painting an abstract to give the room a much needed pop of color! Scroll below for an easy DIY for the little painting in our office :)

While painting the larger canvas in the living room I was mixing my colors in a scrap piece of carton (the back of where the set of paint brushes came in). When I was ready, I realized I loved the mesh up of colors! So I let it dry, went to A. I. Friedman and found a sleek picture frame in which to frame it in... and ready! (to make it look more professional, I took out the matt, signed and dated it) xxB

Lazy Sunday... celebrating the start of the season and eating last night's cake :)