When in St. Barths...

I’m happiest at sea so when my husband (and business partner) proposed a trip to Saint Barth to introduce our line of jewelry BECK, I was instantly packing my bags. On this particularly gloomy, rainy New York day packing vibrant silk dresses and white tunics was a welcomed escape. 

Both Danny and I are originally from Curacao so we’re no stranger to clear waters and sandy beaches, but what we encountered in Saint Barth was pure magic. This little collectivity of France has the best of both worlds, the laid back approach of Caribbean life paired with incredible French wines, designers, cuisine… complete joie de vivre.

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As with most Caribbean Islands (but specially in Saint Barthyou can never go wrong with white. White linen dresses, white breezy tunics and white jeans are the norm, paired with a Tahitian pearl choker, leather sandals and a fantastic tan.

You’ll need a good tanning oil and moisturizer for the body and a strong SPF for your face- however don’t bring too many products as the pharmacies here are fully stocked with local and French cosmetics. I found some incredible oils, hair products and bath salts. 

In terms of jewelry, simplicity is the new luxury. A nice watch is normally paired with a wristful of both very casual and high-end bracelets creating a low key luxe. Gold is paired with leather with an ease that is uniquely Saint Barth.

Bring your old tennis shoes as you’ll destroy them while hiking to the natural pools… (but completely worth it)

And of course, bring plenty of bikinis!

Ultimately simplicity is key- don’t over do it, absolutely never wear heels and a pretty lipgloss is all the make up you’ll need.

 Best way to start the day 🙌🏼 

Best way to start the day 🙌🏼 

Eat and Drink:

Easy lunch:

O’Coral: Chill lunch, best fresh fish on the beach.  

L’Isoletta: Pizza joint in town, still buzzing at night too.

Sandbar: A more informal restaurant at Eden Rock, complete view of their beach.


Tamarin: A beautiful property with incredible gardens.

Bonito: On a little hill in Gustavia overlooking the harbor. We enjoyed their dinner, however next time we may just go for drinks before sunset to truly take in the view.

La Plage: Lively music, french vibes on the beach.


Nikki Beach: Exactly what you expect from it, we found it fun for a few drinks then walked along the beach to Eden Rock- (Nikki is best on Sunday evenings)

Eden Rock: While sitting in the hotel bar, you feel part of the old St Barth- from the time when Greta Garbo and Howard Hughes frequented this ocean front lounge.

On that note, we recommend drinks or even dinner at any of the incredible hotels on the island. We were staying at Le Sereno and thoroughly enjoyed their restaurant. We also had a wonderful time for drinks at Le Guanahana, Taiwana, Cheval Blanc, Hotel Christopher and as previously mentioned Eden Rock. (Le Toiny was closed at the time for renovations but we heard their restaurant is excellent!)


This little island is soaked in Caribbean-cool.. and all the boutiques seem to carry it - be on the look out for beautiful sandals, tunics, jewels and cool beach totes.
For the home: clic (the same one they have in NYC and East Hampton) this branch has the most incredible Saint Barth photo prints, any of these images will fill your apartment with beach vibes. Also check out the wine stores, definitely worth bringing home a couple bottles of French rose´.

No matter what you decide to do, you’ll have an incredible time in this magical island!