The 12 Fashion Pieces You Should Buy in August According to InStyle!

Eeeeekk.. We're beyond excited to be recognized by one of our favorite magazines! According to LaShauna C. Williams (their Senior Credits Editor) the "iridescent Swarovski crystals on these earrings are gorgeous!" Indeed, the Swarovski is crystal we use on this earring is an incredible piece, which combines pops of blue, grey and pink amongst bursts of purple. 

LeShauna goes on to say, "I also really love how the design doesn't have a classic closure on the back, but a look through- a silhouette that seems to be having a huge moment right now." The entire piece is handcrafted by BECK designer, Rebecca. She crafts the 'loop' using 14k gold-filled wires. A technique that is used on all our classic pieces.

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