Agra Summer Hoops

The summer version of our classic Agra hoops are handcrafted pairing a large South Sea shell pearl in black with an XL Swarovski crystal pearl in white on 14k gold-filled hoops.

These hoops were inspired by a trip to Agra a few years back where we were told the legend of the black Taj Mahal. According to the Black Taj myth, Shah Jahan had planned to build a mirror image of the Taj Mahal he built for his wife Mumtaz, completely in black marble, on the other side of the river and connect the two by a bridge. This Black Taj was to be dedicated to Shah Jahan himself. A European traveler by the name of Jean Baptiste Tavernier who visited Agra in 1665 first mentioned the idea of Black Taj in his writings. And considering Shah Jahan's obsession with symmetry, the idea certainly seems plausible. More credibility to the story is added by an observation made by archeologists in 2006, when they reconstructed part of the pool in the moonlit garden and it reflected a dark reflection of the white mausoleum. The writings of Tavernier mention that Shah Jahan began to build his own tomb on the other side of the river but could not complete it as he was deposed by his own son Aurangzeb.... the magic and tragedy of this unfinished story will never let go of me, yet I find solace in the perfect balance of these hoops.

Length of earring (hoop and pearl): 4 cm

Each Beck is made-to-order in Brooklyn, slight variations are the mark of the artisan work, a testament to the individuality of the piece.

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